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Review - Rhianna

Name Naughty Boy

Escort Rhianna

Date 24-10-16

Turned up at Lamaisonbury without checking availability. Only 3 girls were working on the afternoon and Rhianna was the only one available. Treated myself to an hour with Rhianna. She is very petit but also incredibly sexy. Had a quick shower and then Rhianna gave my a very sexy blowjob, along with her paying particular attention to my balls and this girl loves rimming. I then asked her if she had any toys and she only had a vibrator, I said that I wished she had a toy to use on me. Well she quickly left the room and came back with a toy she could use on me and she was keen to use it. Did a couple of positions and she even opened the door for one of the girls to watch what she was doing. So go ahead and book Rhianna, as she's a little dream and I'm sure she'll never forget me and the fun we had!!

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